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More than 30 years leading the Credit and Guarantee Insurance market in Chile.

The first Insurance Company of its kind in Chile.

Its history is intertwined with the history of credit insurance in the country, which began in 1988 when private companies exclusively dedicated to the subscription of credit insurance, both domestic and export, were allowed. These companies were also authorized to provide surety bonds and fidelity insurance. After a promising feasibility study, the shareholders of Continental decided to create a company specialized exclusively in credit insurance and guarantees. On February 7, 1990, the company, named Compañía de Seguros de Crédito Continental, became the first authorized credit insurance company according to Chilean law, approved by the Securities and Insurance Superintendent. Since its establishment, Continental has become the leading company in the Chilean market, providing effective solutions for the risks involved in domestic and international sales. Additionally, the company informs about the business climate and conditions in each country where Chilean companies operate. On February 22, 1990, the Continental Credit Insurance Policy was registered (POL 1 90 002) by the Securities and Insurance Superintendent, making it the first policy of its kind in Chile. Since 1990, Continental Credit Insurance Company has also developed the guarantee insurance, expanding the market that was primarily dominated by bank guarantees. The guarantee policies offered by Continental have become widely accepted by major public and private entities as an effective mechanism to secure obligations arising from contracts or legal provisions. In 1997, the Group Atradius became a shareholder, becoming an important ally and an essential part of the company's development.


The ownership of the Company involves the Chilean company Agustinas Servicios Financieros S.A., which is a founding shareholder of Continental, and the Atradius Group through Atradius Participations Holding B.V.

Agustinas Servicios Financieros S.A.163.001
Atradius Participations Holding B.V.162.999

Atradius Participations Holding B.V. is part of the Atradius Group. The shareholders of Atradius are Grupo Crédito y Caución with 64.23%, Grupo Catalana Occidente with 26.66%, and INOC, SA with 9.11%.

Since its inception, Continental has established itself as the leading company in the Chilean market, providing effective solutions for the risks involved in any domestic and international sales.


Mr. Enrique Araos M.


Mr. Eugenio Besa J.


Mr. Cristián Carmona L.


Mr. Claus Gramlich-Eicher


Mr. Luis Gutiérrez S.


Mr. Carlos Muniesa Ch.


Mr. Daniel Stausberg



Diego González Riedemann

General Manager

Andrés Alemparte Regueira

IT Manager

Mauricio Bellei Carvacho

Risk Analysis Manager

Gabriela Carrasco Manni

Commercial Manager Guarantee

Rita Diacobe Sessarego

Credit Commercial Manager

Alfonso González Marambio

Assistant Manager of Studies

Luis Lamoliatte Vargas


Sergio Muñoz Ibáñez

Administration and Finance Manager

Maureen Rallier Crichton

Credit Sales Manager

Magdalena Rengifo Leay

Claims Manager

Christian Zschocke

Reinsurance Manager

Risk Rating


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Annual Report and Financial Statements 2023