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of Sales/Purchase Policies

If you have received a policy from our Company that has been issued electronically, you can verify information of same.


Surety Policies

Required information

Information required for Quotation of Guarantee Policies

For purposes of evaluation of guarantee policies it is necessary that we are provided with information requested in the attached files in which case they must be sent by Fax 636 4001, or to 3162 Isidora Goyenechea Avenue, 6th Floor, Las Condes, addressed to the Guarantee Commercial Department, indicating your name, company details, telephone, e-mail and fax numbers.

Financial Statement

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Sales/Purchase Contracts

Judicial Requirements

Ordinary Requirements

Propuesta Seguro Garantía

Guarantee Department

Commercial Surety Assistant Manager
Gabriela Carrasco Manni (56 2) 2 636 4053
Head of Commercial Surity
Marcela Soza Villegas (56 2) 2 636 4056
Commercial Senior Surety Executive
Paulina Flores Lizana (56 2) 2 636 4064
Commercial Surety Executive
Daniela Pincu Matus (56 2) 2 636 4062
Assistant Secretary
Luisa Morales Cáceres (56 2) 2 636 4053
Assistant Secretary
Andrea Gajardo Wulf (56 2) 2 636 4041
Asisstant Secretary
Daniela Huerta Muñoz