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The most comprehensive online service in South America.



of Sales/Purchase Policies

If you have received a policy from our Company that has been issued electronically, you can verify information of same.


Online Systems

The Online Systems which we offer are for those persons who must interact with our Company, facilitating the direct access to policy information, for consultation or to include information, requests or requirements, on a 24 hour basis 7 days a week, from whatever location, with absolute guarantee of security and confidentiality.


Our ExtraNet service is a technological platform specially designed for efficient administration of the Credit and Guarantee insurance policies, for both clients and brokers. It allows requests for credit, issue of guarantee insurance policies, enquiries regarding their issue, notification of loss dangers, revision of clients' listing, and other associated situations.

Furthermore, we provide our credit insurance clients with a "Web Service" which allows them to integrate their systems with ours, facilitating the interchange of data.


Verification of Sales/Purchase PoliciesVerification of Sales/Purchase Policies

This service allows our sales/purchase guarantee policy insured clients to verify that the information provided by the Real Estate office corresponds to the content of the policy, only by entering its number and tax registration number of the insured.



This is an ExtraNet system implemented for efficient collection measures, that permits an online detailed follow up of the different stages of recovery of accounts receivable, such as: on line enquiries regarding debt balances, steps taken regarding each debtor, situations of different cases, etc., available on a 24 hour basis 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.